BYZANTIUM - Hymns and Psalms in the Byzantine Music Tradition

BYZANTIUM - Hymns and Psalms in the Byzantine Music Tradition

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13 Tracks Performed by the Australian Byzantine Choir.  Includes 8 page booklet with historical information on each piece in what is one of the world's oldest continuing music traditions.

In this re-release of the first ever Australian recording of religious Byzantine Music, the music lover will experience the stirring beauty and distinctive character of the Byzantine chant; a legacy which has continued for more than a millennium with unfading significance until the present.


The strictly vocal repertoire will give the music lover a glimpse of the demanding and complex nature of the music.

Byzantine music exists as both secular (instrumental) and religious (strictly vocal), inheriting from the ancient Greeks a musical philosophy and a complex musical script system (Parasemantics).

The music and art have been kept alive throughout the centuries, thanks to their custodian, the [Greek] Christian Orthodox Church.

The hymns and psalms on this recording are performed by the unique Australian Byzantine Choir. The Choir is comprised of Australians committed to the practice of this ancient art in Australia, taking it beyond the traditional cultural and religious parameters; out into mainstream society in order to share its musical and spiritual beauty.



Kosta Nikas




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